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Trees - Windyhill Nursery, Orange & Bathurst NSW
Trees - - Windyhill Nursery, Orange & Bathurst NSW
WindyHill Nursery Orange, Bathurst, Mudgee Central West NSW
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Pot return

Bare rooted trees

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All prices are GST inclusive. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Charges apply - P.O.A

Available on selected items. Minimum order $500.00. A 50% deposit is required.

A deposit may be required.

FREE quotation.

Charges may apply.

Our plants are guaranteed to be healthy and true to type at point of sale.  If client is unhappy with plants, this needs to be brought to our attention at this time. No guarantee is offered past this point.

All 45L and 90L Rocket pots require a deposit to be paid. Deposit will be refunded upon return of pots.

We happily accept your pot return. This will enable us to keep prices down.

Bare rooted trees are available for sale from June to August. Our range is similar to the range of fruit, nut and deciduous trees listed in this catalogue.  Please phone us for current prices, availability and forward ordering.

We are able to source stock not mentioned in this catalogue.

We sell a large range of Terracotta, Sandsone, Crushed marble and glazed pots, birdbaths and ornaments.

We stock  a full range of mulches, fertilizers and pest control products.
Windyhill Discount Pricing Policy:
(excluding 50mm native tubestock)
$ Dollar Values
Incl. GST)

Spend over $375 – receive 10% off

Spend over $675 – receive 15% off

Spend over $999 – receive 20% off
Prices and/or the pricing schedule may change without notice.
Tree Description:
To assist with the description of the trees in the catalogue, the following measurements will help picture the size of the tree, based on it's pot size.  Please bear in mind, these dimensions will vary and  figures should be used as a  guide only. The calliper of the tree is taken 25cm up from the base of the tree.
Pot Size:
Spread (cm):
Planting Advice:
Generally speaking, dig to the same depth as pot and twice the diameter of the rootball.
For further advice please ask one of our staff.
Tube Stock - Windyhill Nursery, Orange & Bathurst NSW
Windyhill Nursery began at its Orange site – 1994, trading as “Farm Trees & Planting Service” it was a native tubestock nursery specializing not only in tubestock propagation, but also offering a complete planting service.  As of 2009 the planting service is not available.
Windyhill stock a full range of fertilizers, chemicals, potting mix, pots, tree guards sets and hardwood stakes.
We offer a free on-site initial consultation, and we have a resident landscape designer who will help design your new garden. 
At Windyhill Nursery, we pride ourselves on our plant selection and quality.  Our team offers a professional service, and are only too willing to find plants for you that we do not have.
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Mon, Thur, Fri:  9:30am - 5:00pm

Tues:  9:30am - 1:00pm
Wed:   9:30am - 3:00pm
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Mudgee Central West NSW
Over 150 species of trees and shrubs to choose from
Local seed, locally grown
All stock grown outdoors
All stock hand picked
Ask one of our friendly staff for a complete listing of species and our competitive pricing.
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